Italian compression wear

Italian compression wear


It’s no secret that there are a number of regions in Italy famous for the production of high quality fashion textiles and garments. In many cases these are still family run businesses with a long and established presence and reputation. Solidea is one such brand, who got in touch with me recently, to share details of their extensive hosiery range which has been in production since 1976.

Based in Castel Goffredo, which is part of the Lombardy region in Northern Italy, the company has been making a wide range of compression hosiery for decades. The focus for the company was always about creating stockings and other garments that benefit leg and circulation health, through the development of products that offer therapeutic, micromassage and elastocompression properties. The company has, it claims, become the world leader in the industry of graduated compression stockings and tights.

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Enzo Pinelli, founder and also creator of the flagship range of Solidea products believes all women over the age of 20 should invest in stockings and hosiery that looks after their legs, preventing circulation and other problems that can occur, especially later in life.

A recent Vogue article talked about the effects and benefits of wearing compression garments for short-term and long-term circulation improvement and overall health benefits, when exercising, during long flights etc.

The latest collection of leg wear and shape wear from Solidea is just as focused on fit and appearance as functionality with a range of colours and designs including lace and varying levels of sheerness, embellishments and patterns.

In terms of benefits the Shapewear collection claims to provide maximum slimming benefits and is patented with a 3d Wave Knit, which is a scientific body massaging fabric that mimics the finest anti-cellulite massage. The compression Shapewear also has the unique ability to energize muscles as it actively gets rid of body cellulite and targets stomach fat and stubborn trouble areas on the legs and hips.

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The collection includes sheer tights with high-tech elegantly finished tops, or sheer micro-mesh self-supporting stockings with refined lace detailing. Apparently the real secret of this line is in the yarn, a special yarn that contains a mineral that captures body heat and converts it into infrared rays that reflect into the skin and have an effective and proven invigorating impact on microcirculation that helps fight cellulite.

To be honest, I had no idea that a pair of tights or stocking could achieve so much, there are even stockings you can wear to bed that aid all sorts of positive things happening to your legs and overall circulation, while you sleep!

It is companies like this that are quietly but effectively championing all sorts of advanced manufacturing techniques that I find so fascinating. They must be doing something right as Solidea products are sold in 70 countries across the world and are available in 15000 points of sale across Europe alone. An interesting area of fabric and garment development to watch I think.

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