Mustela Ermin

Mustela Ermin


Ujana, who’s been collaborating with me for some time on the blog, suggested covering a designer she knows from her home country of Macedonia, so I asked her to tell me more.

Mustela Ermin is the brand name of emerging designer Ira Aleksovska who began her career after attending the Fashion Institute of Izet Curi where she was awarded a Certificate from the Federation of Paris Fashion. Following her studies she introduced her first capsule collection “The Age of Confidence” and during this time also began establishing valuable contacts with a number of textile suppliers.

Sliki od Revija

Her collection Spring / Summer 2016 was dominated by darker shades like black and dark blue.  She says: “With this focus I wanted to capture a moment of mystery and elegance along with a minimalist aesthetic. The only color that stands out is red which is a symbol of passion and courage. These are actually characteristics that would describe my ideal woman.”

Ira adds: “My creations are for bold and confident women who are not afraid to express themselves through their fashion choices.”

“I’m a big fan of contemporary art and architecture, and often  gain my inspiration from straight and clear forms, combined with transparent materials.”

The name Mustela Ermin means a kind of Siberian weasel, which in the past was the inspiration for making luxurious garments for the emperor.


Model Nevena Vukovic (represented by Drea Model Placement) is also new to the industry and is from Serbia. The photoshoot took place on the streets of Belgrade.

I love the feminine but strong lines of the collection, and look forward to what this talented young designer will be creating next.  She’s currently developing her brand and building a website, but in the meantime you can keep up to date on what happens next via her Facebook page and Instagram feed.

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