Christmas Gifts 2011

Christmas Gifts 2011

First I should apologise that I haven’t posted on Cardiff Fashion for a little while, for anyone following the blog. The last couple of weeks have been manic with work (I have a daytime job or two!), I’ve had a deadline for the fashion book I’m writing, and much more to get done. But no excuse really, everyone’s busy this time of year.  I am a long way off finishing my Christmas shopping too, which with only 5 shopping days to go, is starting to worry me a little!

So, I thought I’d give some ideas for a couple of last minute pressies that might be good for one of your loved ones, or even for yourself, hinted at for someone else to buy you of course!

I was contacted by some very friendly PR people recently who told me about Volume Two of Keel’s Diary. It’s published by Taschen, and as I buy a lot of their fashion books, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of the diaries before.

It’s not your ordinary diary, as it offers you a set of options to fill in each day, sort of multiple choice and asks really thought provoking questions for you to answer.  Every day is different and from the questions you fill in and the way it guides you to record your thoughts I can imagine it would be quite revealing to read a year or so later. It would give a real insight into what was happening and how you were feeling at the time.  They are really unique, and since I’ve been filling mine in, I’ve sort of felt a little bit of calm amongst the chaos each day.  You also don’t have to fill them in every day as you determine the date yourself at the top of each page.  The cost around £10 (you can buy them from Amazon and other Taschen stockists) and they come in a range of bright colours. Apparently the colour you choose says something about you too!

My next gift idea is this fabulous Joy Division T-shirt from Urban Outfitters.  A bit of retro cool! I must admit to being a bit of a Joy Division fan, before they became New Order. It’s just £32.00 and according to the UO site I think there’s still time to order before Christmas.

Last but not least are these gorgeous Nordic Vintage mittens from Lunacy Boutique. They’ve been reduced to £21.25 and are handmade and fairtrade and made from 100% merino lambswool.

Hope that gives you some ideas for last minute presents. Keep an eye on the blog over the festive season as there are loads more goodies and stories to come. I’ve got some time now to catch up with the load of brilliant info and images sent to me, by some very talented people, over the past few weeks.

The very best Seasons Greetings for now, from Cardiff Fashion!

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