Ecoalf – there is no planet B

Ecoalf – there is no planet B


I’m a big fan of a good brand strap-line and Spanish sustainable clothing brand Ecoalf has created one of the best when it comes to describing the sheer scale and significance of their ambitions – ‘there is no planet B’. Inspired when you think about what they do – recycle and reuse real waste, from the ocean beds of the Mediterranean and beyond, to make beautiful clothes for men, women and children, with minimal environmental impact. But they go further than many sustainable brands, and are attempting to really champion the cause when it comes to recycling materials for reuse in fashion.

“We create objects that make your life more enjoyable without damaging our relationship with nature. And we do it by erasing part of the ecological footprint that is fouling the world.”

In fact their overall mission is not just to use what has already been discarded by humans, but to even look at ways of inverting the process, of tonnes of waste leaving a foul imprint behind. According to their research, studies show that we are presently using 5 times more natural resources than the planet is able to auto-generate.


Founded by Javier Goyeneche in 2009, Ecoalf was borne out of his frustration with not only the amount of waste being produced and discarded by humans, but also the low quality of recycled materials and textiles available on the market.

Javier embarked on his global travels and research to locate the right manufacturers to ensure as much of the materials as possible, to be used in his garments, were recycled. Using new technologies and investing in research and development he wanted to also ensure that the materials were as beautiful as they are reusable.

Discarded fishing nets, post consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds are used to create outerwear, swimsuits, sneakers and accessories.


It’s hard to imagine the less than salubrious state or origins of the materials used to make these beautiful and timeless pieces. And perhaps in this case, timeless, means more than just a reference to their longevity. The garments could have quite possibly been around for a long time before they were reincarnated as clothes.

Prices are reasonable too, ranging from around £60 – £300 and items can be shipped to the UK. There’s a store in Madrid which I’m really keen to take a look around, and they have stockists in some European countries.

For more info take a look at Ecoalf

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