Hiut Denim ‘do one thing well’

Hiut Denim ‘do one thing well’

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We love ‘soon to be cult’ (in our opinion) Welsh denim brand Hiut for it’s passion for the craft of making great jeans, absolute brand commitment and consistency, and for telling a great story.

Denim is big for SS15, we say it’s never been anything but! If you’re passionate about denim then you need to take a closer look at Hiut. They’re not for the bargain hunter but they are for the denim devotee.

Hiut the brand stands for craftsmanship, nurtured skills and keeping it local and relevant, acknowledging the past but looking towards the future, ‘doing one thing well’ and connecting people, those who both make and wear the jeans. The brand tells a complete story and offers an insight into so much more than just a pair of jeans.

Take a look at www.hiutdenim.co.uk and see what you think

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