La Ligne launch

La Ligne launch

Sofia Sanchez de Betak - Art Director

Sofia Sanchez de Betak – Art Director

Ex-American Vogue editors Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster along with Molly Howard formerly of designer label Rag & Bone have launched womenswear label La Ligne this week, a collection of classic clothing with contemporary elements, all based on the humble stripe or line (hence the brand name). As you would expect from three high profile fashion influencers the brand and the collection are slick, stylish and beautifully presented.

Creating a ‘bande’ of ambassadors to help depict the look and aesthetic helps describe the type of customer they’re after, ranging from young actresses and other creatives such as Art Director Sofia Sanchez de Betak and fashion blogger Leandra Medine of Man Repeller fame, to the more senior philanthropist Phyllis Mailman. The collection is applicable to a wide range of ages as it truly seems to be pretty timeless in terms of style, and is committed to celebrating a simple but powerful graphic – the line – but don’t think for a second this is another straightforward striped collection, these clothes have real elegance and the line appears in various incarnations on some really beautiful shapes.

Phyllis Mailman, Philanthropist

Phyllis Mailman – Philanthropist

I love the Bardot Dress, and the Grand Prix jumpsuit has a brilliantly retro feel to it whilst still remaining contemporary. The Coquette top is a gorgeous shape and even the simple tee’s and shirts have real elegance.

La_Ligne_LAYFLAT_Lay Flats__DSC2227 FINAL_3142016 copy

There are also trousers with side lines and skirts with across the body lines, it’s surprising how many places you can position a line on clothing and it still looks edgy and far from gimmicky. It’s clear a great deal of thought and design skill is behind what looks like an effortless collection.

La_Ligne_LAYFLAT_Lay Flats__DSC2192 FINAL_3142016 copy

There’s no doubt the launch of this new fashion label will receive more coverage and attention than most fledgling fashion brands, but it also shows how important it is to have a brand story, a clear focus and aesthetic and to also absolutely make sure the products live up to the hype.

I haven’t bought anything from the collection yet (although I have high expectations for the quality and construction), as it doesn’t go live globally on Net-a-Porter until the week of 11th April. The US market can buy straight from the new website though, and the rest of the world can become familiar with the elegance and significance of the well placed ‘one line’ in the meantime.

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