LFW SS13 Live Streaming

LFW SS13 Live Streaming

The audience awaits at LFW!

Unless you live in a cave in the wilderness (in the UK of course), you will probably have heard that London Fashion Week kicks off today.  We’ve been going for a few seasons now and will be there next week for a few shows and presentations we’re really excited about, including Jayne Pierson, Martina Spetlova, Cristina Sabaiduc, Aminaka Wilmont and hopefully the Fashion Fringe show including Haizhen Wang.  In the meantime we’ve started watching the amazing LFW Live.  Ok it’s always great to be there if you can, but this really is the next best thing and spreads the word about what’s coming next even faster!

The first show we watched was from one of the UK’s most respected designers, Caroline Charles. She’s dressed everyone from Marianne Faithfull, to Princess Diana, Mick Jagger and Emma Thompson on her way to receive an Oscar.  Her label celebrates 50 years soon and she continues to produce collections that are classic, beautiful and extremely elegant.

Fashionably late to start of course, the audience sat poised with laptops at the ready, (someone in the front row was reading a book!).  The show started with a collection of bikinis, sarongs, shorts and beachwear in close floral prints, tropical fish, a nod to mid-20th century colours – acqua, muted citrus bursts, oranges and blues. Accessories included string bags, wedges, big sunglasses, something of a Latin American ’50’s vibe, the music helped create the mood too.

The print summer dresses and capri pants were our favourites, and the classic jackets in tangerine and a rainbow of colours were fresh and bold.

The mood shifted then with black and white evening wear, religious music and belt chains with crosses, evoking images of priests with long flowing soutanes and rosary beads.

A great show to kick things off for us at Cardiff Fashion, we’re just trying to choose what to watch next now!

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