Posa Apparel

Posa Apparel

22 Oct 2014: Posa scarves, photographed in Denver, CO. ©Trevor Brown, Jr./Trevor Brown Photography

22 Oct 2014: Posa scarves, photographed in Denver, CO. ©Trevor Brown, Jr./Trevor Brown Photography

It might not be winter here in the UK (although you could be mistaken for thinking it is lately!) but I wanted to share a really cool product I came across recently, that could transform your winter wardrobe. I love a good story, and the couple behind Posa Apparel have a truly heartwarming story that also shows how a little perseverance can go a long way. Amber Hochbien is a designer from Denver, Colorado and she contacted me to tell me about how her and partner Paul Simmons have created what seems to me to be a very unique accessory.

Amber’s mother passed away from cancer when Amber was just 19 and butterflies became a way for her and her family to honour and commemorate her mum’s life. The company and signature product are called Posa for Mariposa which means butterfly in Spanish.

Posa Founders

Amber met her partner Paul in 2013 and they’ve set the business up together. Paul has a background in costume design and he needed a gift for a niece’s birthday one day, so Amber produced a prototype of her scarf that she had been working on. Paul loved the design and asked what she planned to do with it, and made some suggestions on how it could be improved. He refined Amber’s design and filed for a patent, which is still pending, to protect it.


The scarves are made from high quality wools, Japanese and Italian, wool blends, cashmere, silk and 2 ply breathable materials for the Sports/Active line. All of the products are lined with industry leading fleece (Polartec) and the entire collection is manufactured in Denver, Colorado, where Paul and Amber live. Even the packaging is a little unique as it’s made from plantable seed paper, that you can plant in your garden to grow wild flowers.

From the moment Amber and Paul got in touch with me about their product, I had a complete sense of their passion and belief in what they’re doing, making and contributing. It was inspiring. They also come across as really nice and genuine people. Apart from ensuring the products are manufactured locally, they also donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to charity.

I’m genuinely looking forward to wearing my scarf in the colder months, although the term scarf doesn’t seem to be a substantial enough word to describe it. It’s more than a scarf as it really adds another dimension to a coat or jacket and I would imagine will keep you substantially warmer than most scarves too.

Companies like Posa, and people like Paul and Amber are what keep me really interested in and passionate about fashion and what we wear, I wish them all the very best of luck for a very bright future.

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