Reviving the dandy

Reviving the dandy


Italian brand Re|Dandy is a really interesting niche label that I came across recently during my daily online travels.  The brand, founded by young Italian designer Armando Capitanio, takes it’s name from the notion of a Recycled Dandy – dedicated to the idea of a modern dandy, someone who strives to be elegant, has a refined style and an eccentric beauty – combined with a desire to re-use existing garments.

Armando is attracted to the idea of being noticed and appreciated for being slightly eccentric and about living life striving for elegance and perfection.


What stands out for me with the brand is the styling and beautiful imagery on the website (there’s also Italian and English language versions) and how the simple products – (with an honourable provenance) bowties and material corsage brooches, create a simple, colourful statement. All the pieces are handmade and you can even get his and hers co-ordinated sets.


The size of the product range is still expanding, the brand seems to have captured the interest of the Italian press, and I love how they’re dedicated to a simple but elegant aesthetic. They’re also open to collaborations and have some that are due to launch soon. Take a look at the pretty cool videos on the site too.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next with this intriguing brand.

The team (who were so helpful when I got in touch) assured me you can buy their products in the UK at Re|Dandy.

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