Threadsmiths Tech T-shirts

Threadsmiths Tech T-shirts

It seems wearable tech is everywhere, from multifunctional watches and gadgets to new fabrics with seemingly improbable properties. Many of the products made so far however are either not that practical to wear or offer functionality many of us weren’t even looking for or need.

A wearable clothing  brand we came across recently is Australian based Threadsmiths,  they make 100% hydrophobic stain resistant t-shirts and claim to be the world’s first.  What exactly is hydrophobic you might reasonably ask, a fear of water? Well you wouldn’t be far from the truth as these white t-shirts repel liquid and dirt and incorporate a lotus leaf inspired ‘water-fearing’ nanotechnology.

Hydrophobic technology has apparently been around for a while in a spray-on format but the aerosol version would often destroy the fabric it was sprayed on and had been known to contain carcinogenic chemicals. Threadsmiths say the patented fabric nanotechnology they use is free of these carcinogenics and is completely safe for regular wear.

The white t-shirts form the complete range of clothing at present but Threadsmiths, who are based in Melbourne, hope to collaborate with other designers and manufacturers to expand the offering. We’ve been told on good authority they’re currently working on making shirts and polos at the moment.

We admit to being a bit geeky and the tech of the Threadsmiths t-shirts really caught our imagination. We’re looking forward to seeing where it might end up next. If you want to know more take a look


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