Tommy John & TCF

Tommy John & TCF

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I covered men’s under garment brand Tommy John previously, and they’re continuing to focus on revolutionising the common issues men face when it comes to being comfortable and supported in their underwear, socks, shirts etc.

As a brand they’ve conducted surveys and testing to continue to improve their garments, in addition to endeavouring to seek out the common issues faced by men. I applaud their focus and ongoing commitment to helping men feel better about themselves.

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Testicular cancer is something I have seen in someone very close to me, and it is a disease that thankfully can be detected easily and if caught early enough has a high success rate of cure.  But even in this second decade of the 21st century it is still a disease that is prolific and one that men don’t always feel comfortable taking about or getting checked for.

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Tommy John works regularly with the US based Testicular Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness of the disease, and the statistics on early detection and cure.  I thought I’d share some of their stats with you in support of the campaign. The Movember Foundation also has some stats that are relevant to the UK.

It is still a young man’s disease but one that can be treated so successfully if detected early enough.

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