Ania Rozanowska

Ania Rozanowska

Quietly spoken Ania Rozanowska is a Cardiff based fashion designer originally from Poland. She studied Fashion Design in Cardiff and after completing her degree decided to stay in the Welsh capital, creating garments and accessories that are high-end and beautifully constructed.

Ania works from her small studio at home where she does all her designing, from initial ideas to the prototypes of each garment. She then takes her prototypes to experts in their field depending on what material she’s using.  For her last  jewellery collection Ania worked with Cardiff based model makers for example.

Ania says: “Sometimes my ideas are challenged by the technical aspects of construction, but this is how I keep learning all of the time. I still have many of my garments made in Poland by my cousin who is a dress maker. She’s been sewing for 27 years now so with her help my clothes are always beautifully crafted.”
Ania’s latest collection recently appeared as part of a Vogue Italia Trends Report for 2012, so it seems some of fashion’s most influential commentators are taking notice of her unique designs.
For further details of Ania’s beautiful creations and the designer herself go to:
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  1. Syran at 3:36 pm

    Hi Ania
    Your work is amazing!!!!! I was wondering if you would like to collaborate sometime. I’m doing a fashion shoot in swansea at the end of march and would love to promote your outfits. I’m a hairdresser and love working on shoots. I hold at least 3-4 a year and have been very successful in getting the images published in the past. If you are interested in working with me please feel free to email me on the above. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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