Cardifffashion Pops Up Down Under

Cardifffashion Pops Up Down Under

We’re reporting from sunny Sydney (although it’s thundering down right now!) for the foreseeable future, and as fashion blogging is a global occupation these days, we’re still going to be reporting on what we see and love, fashion-wise, whether it’s in Australia, the UK or anywhere else in the world. For our loyal Welsh followers we’re still receiving news and updates from our regular contacts, but we’re now expanding our focus to include fashion and trends from wherever we travel next.

Our first look at the Australian fashion industry has mainly been around the  high street offering, which is quite different from when we were last here many years ago. The global luxury brands have upped the ante and their presence, with stores in the City centre as well as locations like Bondi Junction. Armani Exchange, Chanel, Gucci and many others now have a strong presence in the Aussie capital. But we were pleased to see the newly created ‘Australian Fashion Walk of Style’ in a favourite haunt, Oxford Street, Paddington, which links the Eastern Suburbs with the CBD. The series of boutiques clustered together over a couple of streets, known as The Intersection offers an insight into where the Australian fashion industry has developed in recent years as well as some of the more established names. Simona, Easton Pearson, sass & bide, Josh Goot all have a presence here. The industry has taken hits from the global brand influx, a strong dollar, the familiar seasonal issue, amongst other challenges, but still looks healthy and really innovative, we’re pleased to report.

Melbourne born retailer Dangerfield offers a younger ‘vintage’ inspired collection of brands, at a much lower price point, sort of like your Urban Outfitters of Australia.


There’s loads more to explore, so we’ll keep you updated as we stumble across our latest Aussie fashion designer, and we’re seeing some fantastic Sydney ‘street style’ fashionistas too, that we’ll be sharing with you.

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