Designs with a conscience

Designs with a conscience

Clothing with a conscience or an eye on sustainability is a popular focus these days, and it’s good to see so many brands considering not only their impact on the planet and available resources, but also how they can help enrich other people’s lives. We look at two very different brands and their approach.

Mobile phone case design company Kidogo Kidogo got in touch with us earlier this year. The name translates to “little by little” in Swahili,  and was created by two sisters with the aim of lifting the financial barrier preventing women in Tanzania from having access to life changing mobile-technology. In Tanzania, only 36% of women own mobile phones, and the number one reason preventing them from ownership is the initial cost of a mobile handset.

The gorgeous cases are putting life changing mobile technology into the hands of women across Tanzania. When you buy a case, they buy a phone (or phone credits) to give to a woman who couldn’t otherwise afford it. The phones are then distributed to women through established non-profit partners already working in Tanzania.

The cases are priced to retail at US$30 each, and have been designed byTanzanian-based artist, Sarah Markes, which feature some of Tanzania’s most iconic wildlife.  There are five iPhone 5/5s case designs and two iPhone 4/4s case designs. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the cases in the UK yet but there are plans to ship internationally soon.

If you want to know more the website is:


one shell of a case design

Kidogo Kidogo in Tanzania

flamingo design

More recently, new Cardiff based clothing company Amazing Aardvark got in touch with their range of animal inspired tees for adults and children. Based around letters of the alphabet and appropriately named animals, the first range includes tees and sweatshirts emblazoned with either ‘amazing aardvark’, ‘barmy badger’ or ‘crazy camel’, the rest of the alphabet to follow! The range is ethically traded, eco-friendly and organic and is priced between £12.00 and £35.00. Go to for further info.

junior-tee-800x800 [1024x768]-Crazy Camel Mens Rolled Sleve Black-800x800

Plenty more posts to come soon as we’ve got a bit of a backlog happening at the moment

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  1. Offering Help at 9:51 pm

    Dear Gwyneth

    I work as fashion Textiles expert in the Fashion Industry for a Major Uk retailer. I am originally from Wales and always curious to see if there are any opportunities in Wales. Whilst searching I came across your blog.
    I find the content rather poor and uninspiring. I use blogs everyday for research in my jobs and didnt really find that I could take anything from the Cardifffashion blog. I don’t feel this is true represenative of what is happening in Cardiff even from a streetshot point of view.
    I would like to offer my professtional help in making your blog more inspiring. I see that you are a lecturer at The university of South Wales and wonder if you would be intersted in using me for guess projects and consultancy.

    I would be happy to have a discussion with you and hope your not affended at my comments but I really feel that I could be an assest to you in your blog or professtional role at the university.

    Very best regards

    • admin at 4:24 pm

      Hi Delyth

      Thanks for your interest in the blog and your comments. The blog has been running for over 4 years now and has been very successful with a number of audiences and brands. It’s something I have run in my spare time along with a successful career. That said, the plan is to revamp the blog somewhat and include more posts in the future. However, the blog has never just been about what’s happening in Cardiff in terms of fashion, but rather a viewpoint of fashion from Wales, supporting local fashion where possible and where of interest.

      The About page does explain the blog focus and I’ve altered the strap line to reiterate this recently also. As I’m sure you appreciate, fashion is increasingly global and certainly the activity of fashion blogging even more so. Hence the ongoing focus of the blog. I also ran the blog, for most of last year from Sydney.

      I’m always interested in collaborations and contributions on the blog and welcome feedback, so if you have some content or any details you’d like to offer for contribution, please send me your suggestions.

      Kind regards

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