World’s smartest umbrella?

World’s smartest umbrella?


“The umbrella you’ll never lose” – when I explain what the Kisha umbrella is all about, most people look at me as though I’m talking about the invention of the youth serum! It seems leaving your umbrella behind (again and again) is pretty common and something that most of us find completely exasperating. Well the Kisha umbrella is about to change all that it seems, and here’s why.


Kisha umbrella’s are a great example of a common problem solved using technology, in an uncomplicated way. The umbrella is equipped with a bluetooth chip that sends signals to a paired mobile device with the Kisha App downloaded. The umbrella tells you when it’s been left behind and shows you where to locate it, (via the inbuilt map) if you can’t remember where. It also tells you, via the App, if you should be taking your umbrella out with you in the first place. Two simple but common problems solved and it’s extremely easy to set up and use….

  • Download the Kisha App from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, on your mobile device, and make sure your umbrella is within a 10m radius
  • Register on the App using your email and a password
  • You can change the range of the bluetooth connection, so can set how far you need to walk before your umbrella thinks you’ve left it behind
  • You’ll receive an alarm on your phone once you’ve left your umbrella behind. You can either turn on the map to find it, snooze or just dismiss the message


Kisha also claims their umbrellas are 100% windproof, 100% corrosion-free and have perfect stitching and opening and closing mechanisms. So it may well be the last umbrella you ever need to buy.

Prices start from around £60 but they offer free worldwide shipping, and if you really don’t have to buy another umbrella then surely it’s well worth it? There’s also a range of designs and colours to choose from.


I’ve been using mine for a couple of days now and so far so good! A great idea executed extremely well in my view.

Find out more about Kisha here.


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