Raw Denim

Raw Denim

We’re always keen on collaboration at Cardiff Fashion, so when Pavilion Clothing approached us about putting together a guest post on Raw denim and why it’s becoming so popular, we thought brilliant, why not? Find out what can make a pair of jeans completely unique….

Raw denim has received a lot of attention over the last couple of years with brands such as Edwin, Hiut Denim and Nudie leading the jeans revolution. But what is it about raw denim that puts the standard, high-street pair of jeans to shame?

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Raw Denim is Denim in its Purest Form

*Edwin Europe ED-80 Slim Tapered Red Listed Selvage Jeans, £130

During their manufacture most jeans are washed after being dyed. This is so that excess dye is removed and jeans look and feel softer. Customers buying a pair of pre-washed jeans will essentially have the finished fit, look and colour from the moment of purchase.

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Raw denim or ‘dry’ denim as it is also known is different. There is no washing process so in essence you are buying denim in its purest form. Experts advise waiting at least 6 months before washing raw denim, this is so that your jeans will have time to absorb natural creases and sculpt to your individual shape thus creating a personalised pair of jeans you couldn’t find on the high-street.

That Crucial First Wash

The first wash is crucial because this is when the indigo will fade revealing all those magic creases and contrasts which have built up over time. Washing your jeans too early will result in a uniform fade and no denim enthusiast wants that. If you do find your jeans are getting a bit on the smelly side you can freeze your jeans to kill bacteria or hang them out to air outside.

When it comes to the actual wash process, denim experts and brands advise a range of different techniques. One tried and tested method is to soak your jeans in the river or ocean and keep them on until they have dried so that they boast that desirable, second-skin finish.

Another technique is to soak the denim in a bathtub of warm water for a couple of hours so that the jeans will shrink to their natural state and excess dye will run off. The hotter the water, the more your jeans will shrink.

When it comes to raw denim, drying your jeans is just as important as washing them. Avoid folding the jeans as this will lead to extra creases, hang them to air dry instead.

A Green Denim Choice for Eco Enthusiasts

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*Hiut Denim Co Worka Organic Regular Fit Jeans, £130

 Raw denim is not only ethical and authentic; it’s also good for the planet. Why? Machine washing your jeans emits 18.6kg of carbon dioxide over a lifetime, when you compare this with just 1.9kg emitted from hand washing, it makes a lot of sense.

A pre-washed pair of jeans also uses up a considerable amount of water in the manufacture process – 11.1 gallons of water to be exact. In addition, a pre-washed and distressed jean requires chemicals to treat the denim making dry denim an altogether more environmental choice.

To summarise, raw denim is unique, long-lasting and good for the environment proving that great jeans are worth paying the extra for.

Pavilion Clothing is a leading independent menswear shop stocking a range of raw denim brands including Edwin, Nudie and Hiut Denim.

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