Vintage ‘bohemian rocker vibe’ jewellery

Vintage ‘bohemian rocker vibe’ jewellery

Welsh based jewellery designer Suzie Wheat creates one of a kind, limited edition jewellery from things she’s collected and found on her travels and sourcing expeditions.  We really like what she describes as her ‘bohemian rocker vibe’ collections and thought we’d share some of her talent with you.

Describing herself as a collector and connoisseur, Suzie is influenced by the antique trade, different cultures, artifacts, travel and experiences.  We think this is reflected clearly in her delicate and time-worn pieces.

When asked to tell us a bit about herself Suzie revealed – “I have lots of freckles, I have 2 beautiful daughters and 1 wonderful husband who’s writing his first script, I like to lose myself in books and Coriander is one of my favourite things.”

There’s loads more of her collection to see at Suzie Wheat Vintage and you can buy her collection online at Etsy Prices start from around £24.00 and go up to approx £70.00.

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